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"I don't believe skill was, or ever will be, the result of a coach. It is the result of a love affair between a child and a ball." 

- Roy Keane

In an hour long 11 v 11 scrimmage the average player will only have the ball at their feet for 72 seconds. The goal of training is to make those 72 seconds as valuable as possible through thousands of high intensity repetitions. You will get more touches in 2-minutes with our Soccer Smart Wall than in an hour of scrimmaging. DASO maximizes the volume and value of your reps through game-like audio-visual targeting, competition, and play.

The famed Ajax development system has more players in 1st division European soccer leagues than any club on earth. The foundation of their methodology is 10,000 touches on the ball every day. DASO makes this rigorous training a game and provides high volume quality repetitions to amplify the rate of technical progress. Our Soccer Smart Wall is the best way to develop 1st touch, striking, passing, turning, and ball manipulation with both feet.



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"Football is played with the head, the feet are just the tools"

 - Andrea Pirlo

Soccer proficiency is based on effective responses to constantly changing multi-dimensional stimuli. Connecting multiple Soccer Smart Walls together in a single system develops spatial awareness by requiring the constant integration of rapid audio-visual scanning and active memory. Active memory is your short-term memory and is vital for subconsciously managing the timing, organization, and placement of multiple variables on a field. Being able to effectively organize these rapidly changing variables is what sets elite players apart.

Professional athletes have response times of up to 0.155 milliseconds, while the average person has response times closer to 0.250 milliseconds. Decreasing the necessary time for cognitive thought is responsible for this difference. Our Soccer Smart Wall uses high value game-like repetitions to turn slow decisions into effective responses to rapidly changing variables on the field. 



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Everything is practice

- Pele

Your ventilatory threshold is essentially how much work you can do before you begin breathing hard. This is influential in and interdependent with your VO2 Max, your anaerobic and aerobic capacity, and is fundamental to your ability to perform on the field. Effective Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) will increase ventilatory threshold, anaerobic reserves, and max sprint speed. High value interval training with the DASO Soccer Smart Wall rapidly develops all areas of soccer fitness with the ball at your foot.

Soccer requires complex athleticism. Speed is the ability to move as fast as possible in one direction. Agility is acceleration, deceleration, stabilization and quick change of direction. And quickness is the ability to change body posture with the maximum rate of force. Our Soccer Smart Wall will develop your SAQ better than any individual training by providing game-like incentives of competition and play.

If you want to further discuss the sport science of technical soccer development feel free to shoot me a message. I love talking about it! - Jacob