How can I get a Soccer Smart Wall?

The Smart Walls won't be available until after our Spring 2018 KickStarter campaign. 

What kind of analysis can the Smart Walls do?

With our three metrics of accuracy and rebound control time we can determine a user's accuracy when striking the ball between thirty and forty miles with a rebound control time of under two seconds. Players will be able to track their development over time and see their progression in all of these skills.

Why did we build a Soccer Smart Walls ?

We love soccer. The US pay-2-play development system disenfranchises millions of young players and economically stratifies the sport. This is bad for the kids and this is bad for soccer. By providing a low-cost high-value training alternative to expensive travelling teams we can keep kids playing at a high level longer. And by creating a database of verifiable, valuable, and objective technical performance data we can promote an unbiased meritocracy in soccer. In short, we built our Soccer Smart Wall for the love of the game.